[ICIE Chronicles] “Practical application of role-playing through film”

Integrating role-playing games (RPGs) into language education proves beneficial for students with diverse backgrounds, offering a dynamic way to practice communication skills in contextualized scenarios.

The proposed didactic approach, inspired by the film ‘7 años’ (Roger Gual, 2016), emphasizes the use of RPGs to complement Spanish language instruction for specific purposes. This method fosters collaborative learning groups, encouraging active participation and interpersonal relationship building. By employing the dramatization technique, students not only develop empathy and tolerance but also gain insights into different perspectives.

The choice of the movie as a resource is grounded in its rich content, including themes, workplace context, and the use of standard Spanish. This integrated approach to RPGs and cinema empowers students to become critical thinkers, promoting reflection, creative expression, and the development of communication and argumentation skills within a university setting.

Written in Spanish by Nieves DELGADO, Spanish Teaching Fellow at IÉSEG.

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[ICIE Chronicles] “Practical application of role-playing through film”