IÉSEG Center for Intercultural Engagement

ICIE is one of IÉSEG’s centers of excellence. Founded in 2017, ICIE brings together academics, instructors and staff from different departments who wish to collaborate and exchange practices regarding intercultural dynamics in business and the development of intercultural competence.

Supporting IÉSEG’s strategy

ICIE activities aim to support the school’s strategy in contributing to the development of an outstanding intercultural student learning experience and hosting a fully international and intercultural community.

Research, teaching, corporate and school engagement

ICIE enables the development and sharing of research and teaching expertise, to benefit the scientific community, the school’s students, corporate clients and staff.


ICIE organizes research and practitioner events such as seminars, symposia or conferences focused around intercultural dynamics and their underpinning processes.
It offers insights into those phenomena via the academic and practitioner publications of its members.
It shares expertise via executive training programs and consultancy.
It provides insights into the development of intercultural competence among its staff, students and other partners.

Intercultural Engagement at IÉSEG

The teaching and learning experience at IÉSEG is international and intercultural by nature. This year, the School welcomes staff and students from more than 100 different nationalities (more than 2,000 international students on our campuses) and more than 80% of permanent professors are non-French. However, the School wants to go much further than just providing a multicultural environment and providing students with international experience, through exchanges and internships.

IÉSEG aims to be one of the leading business schools in the world in terms of true intercultural learning, teaching and research, by investing in the development of intercultural competences among students and staff and fostering research engagement and diffusion in this area.

Profiles of our members and how they are involved with Intercultural dynamics.