Heide Hartmann is German, she holds a Master’s degree in both Languages and Human Resources. Heide has been an adjunct member of the faculty since 2010.

Heide is originally from Germany. After obtaining a Master’s degree in French and Spanish she worked in Germany and England and is now established in France. As a result of her interest in people, she rapidly advanced in the human resources field.   In 1995 she moved to Paris on a permanent basis, where she worked in an American telecommunications company as European HR Manager responsible for France, England and Germany. During this time she also spent a considerable amount of time in the USA. She obtained a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management in 2003.   Heide has been working as a trainer for human resources and intercultural communication firstly in Paris and, since 2009, in Lille. She has been an adjunct member of the faculty since 2010. She specializes in teaching and designing courses in intercultural communication and intercultural management for Bachelor, Master’s and Post-graduate students.

Department of People, Organizations and Negotiation