The research expertise of ICIE members is reflected by their growing record of publications.

Forthcoming Publications

Kim R., Ramirez Marin J., Tasa K., (2021), Do you hear my accent? How nonnative English speakers experience conflictual conversations in the workplace, International Journal of Conflict Management

Sulaiman R., Toulson P., Brougham D., Lempp F., Haar J., (2021), The role of religiosity in ethical decision-making: A study on Islam and the Malaysian workplace, Journal of Business Ethics

Van Waeyenberg T., Brebels L., De Winne S., Marescaux E., (2022), What Does Your I-deal Say About Me? A Social Comparison Examination of Coworker Reactions to Flexibility I-deals, Group and Organization Management

2022 Publications

Bartsch F., Zeugner-Roth K., Katsikeas C., (2022), Consumer Authenticity Seeking: Conceptualization, Measurement, and Contingent Effects, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 50(March), pp. 296–323

Toth Z., Nemkova E., Hizsak G., Nauded P., (2022), Social capital creation on professional sharing economy platforms: The problems of rating dependency and the non-transferability of social capital, Journal of Business Research, 144(May 2022), pp. 450-460

Fischer P. M., Zeugner-Roth K., Katsikeas C., Pandelaere M., (2022), Pride and Prejudice: Unravelling and Mitigating Domestic Country Bias, Journal of International Business Studies, 53(3), pp. 405-433

2021 Publications

Aljukhadar M., Boeuf B., Sénécal S., (2021), Does consumer ethnocentrism impact international shopping? A theory of social class divide, Psychology and Marketing, 38(5), pp. 735-744

Demirel P., Nemkova E., Taylor R., (2021), Reproducing Global Inequalities in the Online Labour Market: Valuing Capital in the Design Field, Work, Employment and Society, 35(5), pp. 914-930

Efrat K., Souchon A., Dickenson P., Nemkova E., (2021), Chutzpadik advertising and its effectiveness: Four studies of agencies and audiences, Journal of Business Research, 137(December 2021), pp. 601-613

Gentina E., Maille V., zhen L., (2021), L’influence de l’appartenance sociale et de la créativité sur les comportements de consommation immoraux des nouveaux adolescents: une étude cross-culturelle auprès des 16-24 ans, Recherche et Applications en Marketing, 36(3), pp. 78-108

Kipnis E., Demangeot C., Pullig C., Cross S., Cui C. C., Galalae C., Kearney S., Licsandru T., Mari C., Martín Ruiz V., Swanepoel S., Vorster L., Williams J., (2021), Institutionalizing diversity and inclusion across the marketing research, education and practice fields for multicultural marketplace wellbeing: A connecting framework, Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 1(April), pp. 1-63

Mandler T., Bartsch F., Han C. M., (2021), Brand credibility and marketplace globalization: The role of perceived brand globalness and localness, Journal of International Business Studies, 52(2021), pp. 1559–1590

Slater S., Demangeot C., (2021), Marketer Acculturation to Diversity Needs: The Case of Modest Fashion Across Two Multicultural Contexts, Journal of Business Research, 134(2021), pp. 702-715

Sulaiman R., Toulson P., Brougham D., Lempp F., Khan M., (2021), Why religiosity is not enough in workplace ethical decision-making, Asian Journal of Business Ethics, 10(1), pp. 37-60

Zhang M., Hartley J., Baddar S. F., Baddar F., (2021), Informal Interorganizational Business Relationships and Customer Loyalty: Comparing Guanxi, Yongo, and Wasta, International Business Review, 30(3), pp. 101805

2020 Publications

Bartsch F., Zeugner-Roth K., (2020), COO in Print Advertising: Developed versus Developing Market Comparisons, Journal of Business Research, 120(November), pp. 364-378

Galalae C., Kipnis E., Demangeot C., (2020), Reassessing positive dispositions for the consumption of products and services with different cultural meanings: a motivational perspective, Journal of Business Research, 115(4), pp. 160-173

Gentina E., Bakir A., de Araújo Gil L., (2020), What shapes adolescents’ attitudes toward luxury brands? The role of self-worth, self-construal, gender and national culture, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 57(1), pp. 102208

Gentina E., Rowe F., (2020), Effects of materialism on problematic smartphone dependency among adolescents: The role of gender and gratifications, International Journal of Information Management, 54, pp. 102-134

Gottschalk F., Mimra W., Waibel C., (2020), Health Services as Credence Goods: A Field Experiment, The Economic Journal, 130(629), pp. 1346–1383

Plé L., Demangeot C., (2020), Social contagion of online and offline deviant behaviors and its value outcomes: The case of tourism ecosystems, Journal of Business Research, 117(1), pp. 186-196

Vorster L., Kipnis E., Bebek G., Demangeot C., (2020), Brokering Intercultural Relations in the Rainbow Nation: Introducing Intercultural Marketing, Journal of Macromarketing, 40(1), pp. 51-72

2019 Publications

Afota M.-C., Ollier-Malaterre A., Vandenberghe C., (2019), How supervisors set the tone for long hours: Vicarious learning, subordinates’ self-motives and the contagion of working hours, Human Resource Management Review, 29(4), pp. 1-15

Ahmad M. F., Lambert T., (2019), Collective Bargaining and Mergers and Acquisitions Activity around the World, Journal of Banking & Finance, 99(2), pp.  21-44

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Demangeot C., Kipnis E., Pullig C., Cross S., Emontspool J., Galalae C., Grier S., Rosenbaum M., Best S., Constructing a Bridge to Multicultural Marketplace Well-Being: A Consumer-centered Framework for Marketer Action, Journal of Business Research, 100, pp. 339-353

Diamantopoulos A., Davvetas V., Bartsch F., Mandler T., Arslanagic-Kalajdžic M., Eisend M., (2019), On the Interplay between Consumer Dispositions and  Perceived Brand Globalness: Alternative Theoretical Perspectives and Empirical Assessment, Journal of International Marketing, 27(4), pp. 39-57

Douglas G., (2019), Empowering Changemakers for a Better Society: The Case of Iéseg School of Management, France, Journal of Intercultural Management and Ethics, 2, 2019(2), pp. 6

Hota M., Bartsch F., (2019), Consumer Socialization in Childhood and Adolescence: Impact of Psychological Development and Family Structure, Journal of Business Research, 105(12), pp. 11-20

Kim R., Roberson L., Russo M., Briganti P., (2019), Language Diversity, Nonnative Accents and their Consequences at Workplace: Recommendations for Individuals, Teams, and Organizations, The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, 55, pp. 73-95

Kipnis E., Demangeot C., Pullig C., Broderick A., Consumer Multicultural Identity Affiliation: Reassessing Identity Segmentation in Multicultural Markets, Journal of Business Research, 98(May 2019), pp. 126-14

Lempp F., (2019), Sources of Conflict in Post-Independent Melanesian Island States, Political Science Applied, 9, pp. 39-42

Paparoidamis N. G., Tran T. T. H., (2019), Making the world a better place by making better products: eco-friendly consumer innovativeness and the adoption of eco-innovations, European Journal of Marketing, 53(8), pp. 1546-1584

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Ramirez Marin J., Olekalns M., Adair W., (2019), Normatively Speaking: Do Cultural Norms Influence Negotiation, Conflict Management, and Communication?, Negotiation and Conflict Management Research, 12(2), pp. 146-160

2017 Publications

ALHussan, F. B., AL-Husan, F. B., & Alhesan, L. (2017). The role of senior executives in managing key customers in Arab context. Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 32(6).

Fischer, P. M., & Zeugner-Roth, K. P. (2017). Disentangling country-of-origin effects: the interplay of product ethnicity, national identity, and consumer ethnocentrism. Marketing Letters, 28(2), 189-204.

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Paparoidamis, N. G., Katsikeas, C. S., & Chumpitaz, R. (2017). The role of supplier performance in building customer trust and loyalty: A cross-country examination. Industrial Marketing Management.

Ahmad M. F., Beuselinck C., Bollaert H., (2017), Employment Protection and Payout Policy, Finance, 38(3), pp. 5-43

2016 Publications

Bartsch, F., Diamantopoulos, A., Paparoidamis, N. G., & Chumpitaz, R. (2016). Global brand ownership: The mediating roles of consumer attitudes and brand identification. Journal of Business Research, 69(9), 3629-3635.

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Yao J., Zhang Z.-X., Brett J., Murnighan J. K., (2016), Understanding the trust deficit in China: Mapping positive experience and trust in strangers, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes

2015 Publications

Fletcher-Chen, C. (2015). Impact of language diversity and social interaction on knowledge transfer. US-China Education Review, 5(3), 159-180.

Demangeot, C., Broderick, A. J., & Craig, C. S. (2015). Multicultural marketplaces: new territory for international marketing and consumer research. International Marketing Review, 32(2), 118-140.

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2014 Publications

ALHussan, F. B., AL-Husan, F. B., & Chavi, C. Y. (2014). Environmental factors influencing the management of key accounts in an Arab Middle Eastern context. Industrial Marketing Management, 43(4), 592-602.

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