Fabian Bartsch received his PhD in International Marketing from the University of Vienna after studying in the Netherlands and Canada for his undergraduate and graduate degrees. He is now Associate Professor of Marketing.

In his research, Fabian draws on social identity theory to study the behavior of cross-cultural consumer groups in a globalized market setting.   Fabian is originally from Luebeck, Germany. He completed his PhD studies at the University of Vienna with a focus on International Marketing in 2016. His dissertation focused on the study of cross-cultural consumer groups (e.g., global citizens, cosmopolitan consumers, ethnocentric consumers, etc.) in a globalized marketing setting. To date his work has appeared in leading outlets such as the Journal of International Marketing and the Journal of Business Research. Fabian is an active participant at leading international marketing conferences (EMAC, AMA, GMC).   His current research focuses on cross-cultural consumer groups, their behavior, and their inter-linkage in an increasing globalized society. Furthermore, Fabian focuses on global and local brands as key identifying symbols for global/local consumer cultures, the identification and the development of measurement instruments to capture cross-cultural consumer segments, as well as the impact of cultural intelligence on decision-making practices at a managerial level. In his research, he extensively draws on quantitative methods. His experience covers measurement theory, scale development practices, the application of structural equation models, as well as the analysis of mediation process in a consumer-related setting.

Department of Marketing and Sales Management